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Just another typical girl with insecurities and heartaches. I am a girl who you shouldnt judge due to obvious reasons such as not knowing who i am and what i`ve been through. I have awesome friends and family members. Safe to know that i could atleast trust someone with my life story. I'm proud to be a catholic and i am a firm believer of god.
I am who i am, take it or leave it as it is. Nobody is perfect, that includes me and you.
Pardon me for my moodswings.
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Friday, April 2, 2010


HEY. Back from a long weeeek :) This week was damn dramatic lah please. Shall not elaborate on it any further :) Thanks to all who helped me along the way. Appreciated ttm. One day, forgot which, went to school>mac>lan with jiaqi,jearl,casey and jingda. Best part, everyone go home in lan,  left me and casey. wahh. dam nice lah. whole place ours x: But worst part, got kinda lost when going home le -.- in the end took cab back to sgs then took th usual 2 bus. Thanks loads to Bryan for keeping me company ! If it wasnt for you, idk where i will be. hahas. ANYWAY. the highlight of the week is SPORTSDAY :D

2E3 won 2 major awards ! best award is overall top sec 2 class or something. yayy. the trophy was dam big . We cheered and screamed like there was no tomorrow. LOL. Zul's reaction was cute lah ! :"WHY 2E3. WHY ??" hahaha. Very happy can. 2E3 is the best class eeeverr ! After sports day, went to hougang mall with jiaqi,jearl and casey. Then ate at the foodcourt at the 2nd top lvl. Zul & ryan went to find us. took pic with them. After awhile they go le. Saw jonathan and his friends. hmm. after that took pictures. Then reached home around 7.45pm.

Here are some pictures taken this week :) some pictures are with jearl uh,
(this is an overdue picture)

my table in class. took this pic as requested by isaac. He also wrote the word "sucks" there. LOL.
one of the trophies 2e3 won. With Chloe's feet. LOL. 
didnt manage to take a picture of the big one.

one extra black guy at the side -.-

YAYNESS. trophy \m/ pls mind my face. LOL.

the following pictures were taken at the rooftop.
yayaya. very unglam. but whatever. I LOVE JAIQI.

this picture is very messy :\
i found the clouds very nice. so i took a photo of it.
Who else can u see in the photo? guess x:

Last but not least, 

the picture of the week :D

Sunday, March 28, 2010

featuring wesly kor :D